$4 TIK TOK Black/ Red/Green Latex Balloons, 30 PCS 12inch Latex Par Toys Games Party Supplies TIK TOK Black Red Green Latex 30 famous PCS 12inch Par Balloons americanwealthmax.com,Red/Green,Latex,PCS,Latex,Par,12inch,30,Black/,/keratoid1266106.html,TIK,Toys Games , Party Supplies,TOK,Balloons,,$4 $4 TIK TOK Black/ Red/Green Latex Balloons, 30 PCS 12inch Latex Par Toys Games Party Supplies americanwealthmax.com,Red/Green,Latex,PCS,Latex,Par,12inch,30,Black/,/keratoid1266106.html,TIK,Toys Games , Party Supplies,TOK,Balloons,,$4 TIK TOK Black Red Green Latex 30 famous PCS 12inch Par Balloons

TIK TOK Max 76% OFF Black Red Green Latex 30 famous PCS 12inch Par Balloons

TIK TOK Black/ Red/Green Latex Balloons, 30 PCS 12inch Latex Par


TIK TOK Black/ Red/Green Latex Balloons, 30 PCS 12inch Latex Par

Product description

Black/ Red/Green unique style balloons set will make your home and room more charming, take it to decorate your room, enjoy the party with your friends!

Impress your guests with your decorations, and bring a memorable party !

How to use: Can be filled with air or helium. Not inflated at delivery. Take them to your local party store to have them pumped with helium or blown up with air by yourself.

NOTE: 1.These balloons will stay filled with air for up to 72 hours or 3-6 hours if filled with helium.

2.Please DO NOT overfill the balloons.

3.Also avoid direct sunlight, overheating, and sharp objects.

TIK TOK Black/ Red/Green Latex Balloons, 30 PCS 12inch Latex Par


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